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Supporting ACN is your personal pledge of solidarity
with the persecuted and suffering Christians.


About us

“Let us pray in a special way for Christians who are suffering persecution; in our day there are so many Christians who are suffering persecution, so many, in a great many countries: let us pray for them, with love, from our heart. May they feel the living and comforting presence of the Risen Lord.”
Holy Father Franciscus, Regina Coeli of April 14th, 2013logo-wgw


Where God Weeps

Catholic Radio and Television Network, with the support of the international Catholic charity Aid to the Church in Need, is producing a television and radio series titled, “Where God Weeps” – broadcasting via Catholic broadcasters to English speaking viewers world-wide – the reality of the suffering and persecuted Church. This weekly magazine program format concentrates on the areas of the world where Catholics are unable to live their faith fully due to political, social and financial constraints. 

The intent of this weekly magazine program is to evangelize; to show solidarity with the suffering Church and to raise awareness among English speaking Catholic viewers internationally about the situation of the suffering Church.



Vision: Through the means of communications to serve the media needs of the local Churches and through the exchange foster a greater mutual understanding and unity among

Christians, especially between Catholics and Orthodox.
Mission: A Catholic network specialised in the production and distribution of religious programming via radio, television and the Internet.The web site seeks to serve:

  • Producers: by facilitating program presentation and negotiation with broadcasters
  • Broadcasters: by providing them with a source of quality and theologically sound Catholic programming and;
  • Catholic Institutions: by supporting Catholic institutions in developing countries, which have air time, however, lack the financial means to either buy or produce Catholic programming.



Aid to the Church in Need (ACN) is a Pontifical Foundation dependent on the Congregation for the Clergy in Rome in conformity with the provisions of Canon Law. ACN has over 60 years of service to the Church in need. Werenfried van Straaten, the Dutch Norbertine priest whom Pope John Paul II named “an outstanding apostle of charity”, founded ACN back in 1947.


ACN receives no public or official Church funding, relying solely on the generosity of individual benefactors. ACN has national fundraising offices in 17 different countries and has over 600,000 individual benefactors.Despite the varied names from country to country, it is one organisation with one international head office (ACN-International Head Office). On average, ACN annually supports more than 5,000 projects from over 130 countries. ACN helps the Church so that the Church can help others.


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