Sri Lanka – an island nation located just south of India – is slowly recovering from a number of man-made and natural disasters: a 30 year civil war which claimed more than 70.000 lives; the 2004 tsunami which left 40.000 dead; and the massive flooding in 2011 which displaced hundreds of thousands. Of all those affected, perhaps none so much as the children: An estimated 340.000 children in Sri Lanka grow up without either one or both of their parents. The chief means of survival is begging or odd jobs like pushing carts, washing plates and scavenging for a few rupees. Many of these children are not able to attend classes and never receive basic education. It is here that the local Catholic Church steps in to offer the services that it can. One such initiative is the Don Bosco Vocational Training Centre located in Nochchiyagama in the center of the country. Mark Riedemann talks to Fr. Susith Milroy about the work of the Salesian brothers in Sri Lanka.
Duration: 28’30”
Date of Production: 2017
This program of the series “Where God Weeps” was financed by the Catholic charity Aid to the Church in Need. More information can be found here:

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