The fragile reality of religious freedom in Vietnam

Fr. Bernardo CervelleraMark Riedemann interviews Fr. Bernardo Cervellera, Director of Catholic News Agency Asia News about the reality of the Catholic Church in Vietnam. Behind an apparent religious freedom climate, there are still serious difficulties for the Church. Some government agreements since 1996 are imposing more restriction to the pastoral work of priests and Bishops. Despite these difficulties, priestly vocations are flourishing in the country. Download (right click and Save as)

The global war on Christians

John Allen Jr.Journalist and author John Allen Jr. presents his book The Global War on Christians. He explains how Christians in different parts of the world are facing blatant persecution. Mr. Allen debunks some myths about Christian persecution. Download (right click and Save as)

A world with 50 million refugees

James StaplentonJames Stapleton works for Jesuit Refugee Service, an organization dedicated to attend to the needs of refugees around the world. Mr. Stapleton comments on the crude realty that millions of people face as refugees. He explains the challenges to service these volatile communities and the important work that this Jesuit organization does around the world. Download (right click and Save as)

Ripping apart Iraq

Mrs. Pascale WardaMrs. Pascale Warda, Former Minister of Immigration and Refugees narrates how Christian persecution has happened over and over in Iraq´s history. The current political crisis threatens to divide the country in three parts, leaving the Christian community, the oldest of all religious groups in the region, out of their own land. Download (right click and Save as)

The realities of blasphemy laws in Pakistan

Prof. Shahid MobeenMark Riedemann interviews Prof. Shahid Mobeen about the impact that blasphemy laws have in religious minorities in Pakistan. Even when the majority of accusations under blasphemy law are against Muslims, the reality is that the consequences for a non-Muslim accused of blasphemy are more devastating. Download (right click and Save as)