Zambia, a land of primary evangelization

Fr. Jacob Paxy Alumkal OCDZambia is a south-central African nation and one of the continent’s biggest copper producers with 70% of the Zambian economy depending on this export. The economy is in crisis due to the slowdown of the Chinese economy, the main buyer of the Zambian metal. Mark Riedemann interviews Fr. Jacob Paxy Alumkal OCD, a Carmelite from India, currently on a mission in Zambia in the diocese of Chipata, Zambia. Download (right click and Save as)

In Papua New Guinea, education is a brand new concept

Sister Catarina Gaspari, Community of Jesus the Good ShepherdSadly about half of primary school-aged children in Papua New Guinea are still out of school, with fewer girls going to school than boys. The causes relate to distance from school, security, lack of parental support and the environment in their homes. The country’s net enrolment rate of 63 per cent is the lowest in the Asia and Pacific region. Only one in three children complete their basic education, meaning most do not stay in school long enough to learn the basic learning skills. Mark Riedemann interviews Sister Catarina Gaspari from the Community of Jesus the Good Shepherd about her vocation and her work in the field of education. Download (right click and Save as)

South Sudan, the challenges of an incipient country

Bishop Rudolf Deng Majak, Diocese of WauViolent conflict in South Sudan erupted in December 2013 in which political in-fighting spiralled into a civil war between South Sudan’s President Salva Kiir and his former Vice-President, Riek Machar. Since then, thousands have been killed, millions displaced and many more suffer hunger and disease. Notwithstanding the suffering, Bishop Rudolf Deng Majak expresses – and symbolizes – hope. Mark Riedemann interviews Bishop Rudolf Deng Majak, of the Diocese of Wau, South Sudan. Download (right click and Save as)

Christian persecution in Nigeria

Bishop Oliver Doeme Dashe, Diocese of MaiduguriBoko Haram, whose name roughly translates to “Western education is forbidden”, launched an armed insurgency against the Nigerian government in 2009. So far more than 11,000 have been killed in the conflict and a half million people have been displaced. Mark Riedemann interviews Bishop Oliver Doeme Dashe, the Bishop of Maiduguri, about his Vision of Our Lord and the answer to the violence – the Rosary. Download (right click and Save as)

Islam in the XXI century

Fr. Samir Kahlil Samir, S.I.The topic of Islam nowadays is more present than ever in media and in our daily life. From the horrific attacks perpetrated in the name of Islam, to the waves of immigrants into Western societies, Islam is an ever-present concept or idea. But what is Islam? Why people that profess the same religion could have such diametrically opposite points of view? Jonas Soto interviews Fr. Samir Khalil, Egyptian Jesuit priest, Islamic scholar and Catholic theologian from the Université Saint Joseph in Lebanon. Download (right click and Save as)

Latvia: from militant atheism to thriving Church

Archbishop Zbigņev StankevičsMark Riedemann interviews his Excellency Zbigņev Stankevičs, the Archbishop of Riga, Latvia who speaks of his own spiritual journey and the state of the Church in Latvia today. Download (right click and Save as)