395 – Vital contribution of the Church in Democratic Republic of Congo

Sister Pelagee BanzeAfter years of civil war, the Democratic Republic of Congo, saw an end to years of dictatorship and power abuse, however it didn’t mean the beginning of a new flourishing period for this country. This African nation still suffers political instability and high levels of corruption that have a damaging effect in the population. Sister Pelagee Banze, of the Daughters of Saint Paul shares her personal experience growing up in this nation; and presents the work her congregations does in this part of Africa. Interviewed by Jonas Soto Download (right click and Save as)

394 – The rise of Hindu nationalism in India

Prof. Chad BaumanIn India Catholics number approximately 2.3% of the total population. Despite the Christian presence in India for 2 millennia, a growing tension is being experienced between extremist Hindus and the Christian community. To know more about the situation of Catholics in India, Mark Riedemann interviews Prof. Chad Bauman, an associate professor of religion at Butler University and an expert on religion and society in India. Download (right click and Save as)

393 – New beginnings in Myanmar

Cardinal Charles Maung BoMark Riedemann interviews Cardinal Charles Maung Bo about the situation today of Catholics in Myanmar. Catholics in Buddhist-dominated Myanmar are small in number – about 1% of the population – but historically have had a great influence on the country’s development. Today a new hope is evident that what has been frozen politically for so many years may give rise to a new Spring. Download (right click and Save as)

392 – The rebirth of Christian faith in the Czech Republic

Sister Anna Matikova, FSP, from the Daughters of Saint PaulSister Anna Matikova, FSP, from the Daughters of Saint Paul, shares her experiences as a young girl growing up in a socialist world, surrounded by a militant atheist society. There was a significant contrast in regards to the endurance of Christian faith between the Slovak region and the Czech territory. In the midst of religious discrimination and sometimes persecution, Sister Ana´s vocation bloomed. Interviewed by Jonas Soto. Download (right click and Save as)

391 – Missionary Work in the Far East of Russia

Mother Radosty, the Superior of Institute of the Incarnate WordAn Argentinean in Russia. Mark Riedemann interviews Mother Radosty, the Superior of the Argentina-based Institute of the Incarnate Word who long wanted to be a missionary in Russia. Now she is and though the challenges are great – so too is the joy. Download (right click and Save as)