400 – National identities in the crisis of the Middle East

National identities in the crisis of the Middle EastMark Riedemann interviews Professor Joshua Landis, Head of Middle East Studies at Oklahoma University. Professor Landis explains the role that National Identities and exacerbated nationalism have played in the current crisis in the Middle East. Political, ethnic, and religious elements have contributed to enable the current precarious condition of Christians in Syria, Iraq and Egypt.Download (right click and Save as)

399 – Our work: the incarnation of Christ’s love

Our work: the incarnation of Christ’s loveThe Church suffers, but also serves and loves those who suffer. The religious institute of the Servants of the Lord and the Virgin of Matara loves and serves our suffering brothers and sisters around the world. This young religious Institute, originally from Argentina, is a fast growing order with charitable works around the world.Download (right click and Save as)

398 – Pakistan: I’d first die than lose my faith

Sister Sr. Ghazia AkbadPakistan has a population of 160 million of which at least 96 are Muslim. Christians number only three million -nevertheless there is a growth of vocations especially to the religious life in the Catholic Church. Mark Riedemann interviews Sister Sr. Ghazia Akbad, a Paulist Sister who has just completed her final vows in Rome and is going back to serve in Pakistan. Download (right click and Save as)

397 – Religion in China: survival, revival and communist rule

Professor Fenggang YangChina in the XXI century has had an amazing transformation in its economy, education, international relations, all have changed. But what has happened in terms of religious freedom? Are Chinese people free to live and express their religious beliefs? Professor Fenggang Yang, author and scholar of Perdue Institute Download (right click and Save as)

396 – Bringing the Gospel to the peripheries of Kenya

Sister Mary Ndunge KiokoSituated on the equator on Africa’s east coast, Kenya has been described as “the cradle of humanity”. Today modern Kenya is East Africa’s economic powerhouse. At the same time, there is high unemployment and more than 10 million Kenyans suffer from hunger.Kenya is about 33 percent Catholic and 75 percent Christian. Mark Riedemann interviews Sister Mary Ndunge Kioko about her vocation and the support that the sisters bring to the communities that they serve. Download (right click and Save as)