The uncertainties of religious freedom in China

Fr. Bernardo CervelleraIn a few dacades China will be the country with the largest Christian population. Fr. Bernado Cervellera, Director of Asia News explains the current situation between government, the Catholic National Church, and the underground Church. He analyzes the impact of Benedict XVI’s letter to China. Download (right click and Save as)

The joy of consecrated life

Sister Melba LobatonSister Melba Moraton is a formator of novices for the Daughters of Saint Paul congregation. She reflex upon the deep motives women have to consecrate their lives. She shares the challenges she faces living in a non-Christian society, and points out to s of family life that could, or could not, facilitate the flourishing of new vocations to the religious life. Download (right click and Save as)

Indonesia, a land of religious coexistence

Fr. Lalu Anthonius GregoriusIndonesia consists of more than 18,000 islands. The country is formed by hundreds of distinct native ethnic and linguistic groups. The national motto “Unity in Diversity” literally means “many, yet one”; it articulates the diversity that shapes the country. Fr. Anthonius Gregorius explains how the Catholic Church has had a prominent role in the history of Indonesia since the arrival of the missionaries during the Portuguese colonial period. Download (right click and Save as)

Talitha Kum, fighting human trafficking

Sister Patricia MoreySister Patricia Morey, member of the group Thalita Kum, talks about the work this organization does. A robust international network of nuns around the world quietly works to rescue victims of human trafficking. Sister Morey explain why it is easy for mafia organizations to keep captive the abducted women. She presents the work the organization does worldwide to prevent human trafficking. Download (right click and Save as)

The perils of Christians in the Holy Land

Oliver MaksanThe eternal conflict between Israelis and Muslim Palestinians quiet often overshadows the reality of another group that has been present in the region since the First Century: the Christians of the Holy Land. Jonas Soto talks to journalist Oliver Maksan about the challenges that the Christian community faces in the State of Israel and the Palestinian territories. Download (right click and Save as)