Catholic Radio & Television Network presents the film Orissa: “They will never give in…”.

Production Date: 2009
Duration: 14′

Copyright: CRTN
Language: English, French, German
Executive Producer: Mark Riedemann
Director: Peter Wingert

The 14-minute film follows Sister Kiran and Sister Sarojini getting ready for another long day of work. They belong to the religious order of the Society of Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Nothing can disturb them during their morning prayer – not even the lingering smell of smoke – a grim reminder of August of 2008.

Nearly 30,000 people fled Orissa’s Khandamal district in 2007 and 2008 during Hindu extremists’ anti-Christian attacks on nearly 300 villages. At least eighty people, including a Catholic priest, were killed. About 270 churches and chapels were desecrated, while 6,000 homes were destroyed. The violence was triggered by the murder of a prominent nationalist Hindu leader – killed by leftist rebels with no connection to the Christian minority – but nationalist Hindus took advantge of the moment to demand that all Christians should leave the country because they are considered a foreign religion with no right to exist in India.
The films traces the work of the sisters today contrasted against the violence of that time.

The Catholic Bishops Conference of India (CBCI) has proposed to make the last Sunday of August a National Day for Indian Martyrs to commemorate the Christians who died in the August 2008 massacres in Orissa.