Short film featuring Bishop George Palliparampil of Miao in the Indian state Arunachal Pradesh

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Arunachal Pradesh, situated in the North-east corner of India bordering China, Tibet, Bhutan and Myanmar, is called ‘the land of the rising sun’ and is home to 26 Mongoloid tribes and their sub tribes scattered over an area of 87,400 square kilometers. This corner of India also lays claim to be the place where the Catholic Church has grown the most over the past 30 years — with more than 10,000 adult baptisms every year – and this despite an ongoing ban on conversions.

In 1978, Arunachal Pradesh was the first state of India to promulgate an ‘anti-conversion’ law. “Still today, baptisms are prohibited,” states Bishop John Thomas Kattrukudiyil, the Bishop of Itanagar, North East India. Despite these obstacles, there are over 100,000 Catholics in the diocese of Itanagar and their number is growing so that Christians have become a group of interest for local politicians.