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Supporting ACN is your personal pledge of solidarity
with the persecuted and suffering Christians.


Our programs


Fatima: 100 years – ACN 70 years

ACN help to sisters around the world: “I pray this solidarity continues”

Central African Republic: Iza – volunteer work with the pygmies community

Without my country: Iraqi Christians in exile (in Amman, Jordan)

Iraq: Appeal Bishop Warda

Iraq: Appeal Bishop Sako

Iraq: Appeal of Bishop Moshe, Syrian Catholic Church

Iraq: The Chapel at St Mary’s Camp in Baghdad

Central African Republic: Attacks by Seleka

ACN help in Africa: transportation

Sierra Leone: Vocation

Sierra Leone: Education

Philippines – The Silsilah Project

Pray with us for Pope Francis’ visit to Africa

Central African Republic: Sister Lucy

Central African Republic: Christians protecting Muslims from antibalak attacks

Central African Republic – Motorbikes for Catechists

Sierra Leone: Children Soldiers

Central African Republic: Radio Siriri

Sierra Leone: Amputees

Sierra Leone: The Ebola Crisis

Sierra Leone: Street Children

Let the Light Shine – ACN Help to Seminarians

Egypt two years after the Arab Spring

Schools of Hope

Cuba: Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre

Cuba – La Caridad del Cobre, Madre del Pueblo Cubano

On new foundations – The construction of the Cathedral of Mother Teresa in Pristina, Kosovo

On new foundations – The construction of the Cathedral of Mother Teresa in Pristina (Croatian)

South Sudan: Appeal of Bishop Daniel Marco Kur Adwok

Kosovo Cathedral – Short

South Sudan: Appeal of Father Stephen & Father Angelo

ACN helps sisters in Indonesia

Vietnam – The boat

South Sudan: Save the Saveable

India / Orissa: “They will never give in…”

Haiti: An urgent cry for help

Myanmar / Burma Country profile

From INDIA: Thank You ACN!

Leos Tirkey, catechist in Northern India – Shortfilm

Sri Lanka: God’s Bakery – Shortfilm

Philippines: The typhoon took everything from them, but their faith.

Bahrain: Our Lady Of Arabia – Shortfilm

Shahbaz Bhatti, a man with a dream – Shortfilm

Nigeria: Boko Haram’s attack on Christians

Nigeria: Peace after Madalla Church Bombing

Syria: The Civil War and the Christian Minority

The Situation of Christians in the Holy Land (Where God Weeps)

Christians in Iraq: A community in despair

Christians in Egypt between hope and fear

The situation of Christians in Myanmar/Burma

Romania: The persecution of the Greek Catholic church

Rwanda: Kibeho, Our Lady of the Sorrows

The situation of Christians in Macedonia

South Sudan – The World’s newest nation

The situation of Catholics in Pakistan

Vietnam – Give the Church a home (short film)

India: The work of the Catholic Church with indigenous people

Haiti – A fragile hope

The situation of Catholics in China

The situation of Christians in Iran – Short film

Ukraine: Emerging from the catacombs (short film)

The situation of Christians in Iraq – Short film

India – Orissa: “We may be killed, but we will never kill” (Short Film)

Bosnia & Herzegovina: Reconciliation Through Education (Short Film)

Albania: A nation recovering from communism

Cardinal Zubeir Wako – The Shepherd of Sudan

Jerusalem: On the other Side of the Wall (Short film)

Zimbabwe – A Church punished for its opposition (short film)

Nigeria: Radical Islam and a search for dialogue (Short film)

Lebanon’s Christian example – Short film


Christians in Aleppo have celebrated Christmas among ruins

How was it to celebrate Christmas without fighting for the first time in 5 years? People are finally able to ...
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